All about the “Waitress” Musical: latest news, rumors, fun and a lot more.

Sara Bareilles and Gavin Creel End Waitress Shift on February 3rd

More news on Waitress is that its Composer, Sara Bareilles, and “Tony Award” and “Olivier Award” winner Gavin Creel who briefly shared the stage in the Broadway musical, concluded their limited ... Read More

Waitress – a Delicious Musical Serving Pain as the Main Course

Waitress is a strange beast… It tells about a woman who finds herself in the predicament of being in an abusive relationship. As mentioned earlier, the story was inspired by the highly commended ... Read More


New Kids on the Block’s Joey McIntyre Joined Waitress

Being a member of “uber-boy band” New Kids on the Block, Joey McIntyre was often restricted to the role of “blue-eyed heartthrob and falsetto-voiced baby of the group.” However, since his victor... Read More